PADI Marine Biology



PADI specialty course to introduce all those interested in the marine environment, whether divers, snorkelers, and others to the basic science of marine biology.


Diver route: - PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent.

Non-diver route - snorkelers are encouraged to participate in the course but will have different administrative, certification, and in-water requirements.

Note: Training dives and PADI certificate will charge fees.


Dive One: Identify marine organisms, describe the habitat & the main features of each identified organism, and identify the impacts affecting the marine biodiversity in the dive site. Dive Two: Draw the bottom profile of the dive site. Allocate the different habitats and marine organisms on the sea profile and water column. Take action underwater for marine conservation by cleaning up or fixing a broken colony using straps.


Four parts with workshop training and exams 

Ocean Environment

Science of Marine Biology. Important of the Ocean and Marine Organisms.Importance of Marine Biology. History of the Ocean Floor. Classification of the Marine Environment. Study of Ecology. Biological Interactions. Physical and Chemical Conditions of the Ocean. Biogeochemical Cycles.

Marine Ecosystems

Total of 7 ecosystems: Intertidal communities, Coral reef communities, continental shelves, the Neritic zone, The Open Sea, The Deep Sea, and The Polar Sea.

Marine Organisms

Total of 15 groups: Micro-Organisms, Seaweeds, Marine flowering plants, Sponges, Cnidarians, Ctenophores, Marine worms, Bryozoans, Mollusca, Arthropods, Echinoderms, Marine fishes, Marine reptiles, Marine Birds, Marine mammals.

Marine Biodiversity

Diversity in the Marine Ecosystem. Value of Biological Diversity. Threats affecting on Marine Environment. Strategies of Marine Conservation. Marine Protected Areas: Spatial Protection.

Training activities and excercises

Training and exams.

Workshop Training

Drawing the sea bottom profile.

Project: Virtual presentation on the marine ecosystem.

Final Exams

Ocean Environment (15 Questions), Marine Organisms (35 Questions), Marine Ecosystems (35 Questions) & Marine Conservation (15 Questions).

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