PADI Dugong Conservation



PADI specialty course on dugong ecology, behaviour, and awareness. You will understand the dugong's importance to the marine ecosystem and the threats.


Diver route: - PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent.

Non-diver route - snorkelers are encouraged to participate in the course but will have different administrative, certification, and in-water requirements.

Note: Training dives will charge fees.


Two training dives, including the following skills:

  • Seagrass species identification.
  • Identify and measure the feeding trails.
  • Identify the impacts on dugongs.
  • Identify the dugong behaviours.
  • Photo identifcation for the dugong individual.
  • Determine the dugong sex.

Course Contents

By the end of this session, the divers and snorkelers will be able to understand and learn the following objectives:

Academic Topics

Sirenians taxonomy, the difference with dugong, habitats, and distribution. Dugong's description and life history. Origin of mermaid legend. What are the different threats affecting the dugongs' population? The role of dugongs plays in the marine ecosystem. Dugong Food and how dugong forage? Measurements of feeding trails. Dugong Behaviour. Considerations when diving and/ or snorkeling with dugongs.

Workshop Training

Type and describe the different behavioural activities of the dugong. Determine the time budget of each behavioural bout. Identify and measure the dimensions of the dugong's feeding trails. Provide information on the persistence of scars, flippers, and tail notches and their use for obtaining longitudinal data on individual dugongs. Reporting dugong sighting records.

Public Awareness

Improve skills to deliver a presentation for dugong conservation. Understand the role of the Egyptian Dugong Team (EDT). Develop the skills for participation in environmental events. Conduct one presentation for dugong conservation.

Egyptian Dugong Team

All of our participants (divers/ snorkelers) will receive a wall certificate to enroll in the Egyptian Dugong Team (EDT). This certificate will allow them to participate in any dugong monitoring activities or projects in the Egyptian Red Sea.

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Location: Online, Zoom

Time: 7:30 - 10:00 PM (Cairo Time)